Is the new 5G technology going to improve our lives?

5G will transform the role of wireless in our lives by promising to connect everything connected. Here are some of the IoT that 5G can offer:

1. Self-driving cars

  • Sensors on self-driving cars generate a large amount of data
  • Measuring temperature
  • Traffic conditions
  • Weather
  • GPS location, etc.

Producing and assimilating such quantity of data eats up a lot of energy. Such cars are also heavily reliant on the real-time transmission of information to provide optimum services. With high-speed connectivity and low latency that is offered by 5G, we can see these cars in the future.

2. Health care

The medical field will also see improvements in their services as all sorts of medical devices become IoT enabled. Rural areas and other similar remote locations without proper healthcare facilities will hugely benefit from IoT connectivity.

There will also be wearable devices that monitor a patient's physical condition and beam the information to doctors

3. Logistics

5G connectivity will make it possible for sophisticated IoT tracking sensors that could transform logistics operations from end to end.

4. Smart Cities

5G will enable wider applications in smart city initiatives from water and waste management, traffic monitoring to enhanced healthcare facilities.

5. Retail

5G will shape customer engagement and experiences through mobile phones. Better connectivity and a larger number of devices connected to the network will allow them to interact with shoppers faster with improved digital signage.

Hope this explanation helps!

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